TXTA truckpac endorses Governor Greg Abbott for re-election

TXTA Contact: Kimberly Leggett

AUSTIN—Texas Trucking Association President & CEO John D. Esparza released the following statement endorsing Governor Greg Abbott for re-election: 

"The trucking industry is absolutely essential to a functional supply chain and it is critical that our state’s leadership recognizes that importance. Thankfully, Governor Greg Abbott has long been an advocate for the trucking industry. He understands that over-regulation of an already heavily regulated industry is not a recipe for success. When the trucking industry was called upon throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, he issued emergency declarations and waivers to ensure trucks were on the road delivering life-saving medical equipment and supplies communities relied on. Governor Abbott recognizes that trucking is a critical piece of the supply chain and that any disruption is detrimental for Texans. He is often the first call we receive during disasters to make sure we have what we need to keep freight moving. He’s a leader we know will do his part to get more trucks on the road safely and do all he can to continue to grow Texas’ thriving economy. TXTA is proud to endorse Governor Abbott for re-election."