C.H. Cheshire award

Congratulations 2022 Recipient Kenny Ray!

Photo of 2022 C.H. Cheshire Recipient Kenny Ray

Randall LeBlanc and Tom Hartman with
Commercial Fleet Data Systems (Left)
and SMC Chairman Gene Davis (Right)
present the C.H. Cheshire Award to
2022 recipient, Kenny Ray


Award Selection

The C.H. Cheshire Award is presented to an individual in law enforcement, current or retired, and recognizes their support and contributions made to the TXTA Safety Management Council (SMC) in promoting safer highways in Texas. The recipient is selected by the SMC Executive Committee. This award is sponsored by Commercial Fleet Data Systems. For more information, please contact Lance Shillingburg lance@texastrucking.com


2022  Kenny Ray, Cline Wood, a Marsh & McLennan Agency
2021  John Counts, TxDPS and Safety Counts Consulting
2020  Joanne Cisneros, FMCSA
2019  Jeff Langloss US DOT
2018  Ron Coleman, TxDPS
2017  Dana C. Moore, TxDPS
2016  Chris Nordloh, TxDPS
2015  Omar Villarreal, TxDPS
2014  Bruce James, TxDPS
2013  Daniel Danek, Baytown Police Department
2012  Chuck Longfellow, TxDPS
2011  Rodney Baumgartner, DOT/FMCSA
2010  Kennis Miles, TxDPS
2009  David Palmer, TxDPS
2008  Billy Ladd, TxDPS
2007  Gary Albus, TxDPS
2006  David Doyle, TxDPS
2005  Tom Cummings, TxDPS
2004  Ronnie Smallwood, TxDPS
2003  Tom Mattern, TxDPS
2002  No Selection
2001  Larry Henry, TxDPS
2000  David Mireles, Houston Police Department
1999  Larry Marshall, TxDPS
1998  Bob McDilda, US DOT
1997  Leon Feazell, US DOT
1996  Chuck Wheeler, US DOT
1995  David Kemp, TxDPS
1994  Wendell Miller, TxDPS
1993  Ray Ward, TxDPS
1992  T.C. Perrin, Houston Police Department
1991  Roger Leathers, TxDPS
1990  Wesley Johnson, TxDPS
1989  Ronald Barrett, TxDPS
1988  Virgil Walsmith, TxDPS
1987  Leo Gossett, TxDPS
1986  Joe Milner, TxDPS

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