Texas Leads Nation with the most bottlenecks in the country

TXTA Contact: Kimberly Leggett

AUSTIN—The American Transportation Research Institute today released its annual list highlighting the most congested bottlenecks for trucks in America, and 14 Texas locations made the top 100, including 10 in the Houston metropolitan area.

“Texas is used to being ranked #1, but this is one list we are not proud to be on top of,” said Texas Trucking Association President and CEO John D. Esparza. “Bottlenecks around the state continue to waste time and money, further damaging the already fragile supply chain. With the newly available federal resources for infrastructure projects, there is no excuse – these bottlenecks must be addressed. A reliable and stable transportation network is essential to our economy – just like the trucking industry.”

The 2022 Top Truck Bottleneck List measures the level of truck-involved congestion at over 300 locations on the national highway system. The analysis, based on truck GPS data from over 1 million freight trucks uses several customized software applications and analysis methods, along with terabytes of data from trucking operations to produce a congestion impact ranking for each location. ATRI’s truck GPS data is also used to support the U.S. DOT’s Freight Mobility Initiative.  The bottleneck locations detailed in this latest ATRI list represent the top 100 congested locations, although ATRI continuously monitors more than 300 freight-critical locations.

The 14 Texas bottlenecks are:

  • No. 3   Houston: I-45 at I-69/US 59
  • No. 8   Dallas: I-45 at I-30
  • No. 13 Houston: I-10 at I-45
  • No. 15 Houston: I-45 at I-610 (North)
  • No. 27 Austin: I-35
  • No. 30 Houston: I-10 at I-610 (West)
  • No. 34 Houston: I-610 at US 290
  • No. 41 Houston: I-10 at I-610 (East)
  • No. 54 Dallas: US 75 at I-635
  • No. 60 Ft. Worth: I-35W at I-30
  • No. 65 Houston: I-610 at I-69/US 59 (West)
  • No. 68 Houston: I-45 at Sam Houston Tollway (North)
  • No. 93 Houston: I-10 at I-69/US 59
  • No. 98 Houston: I-45 at I-610 (South)

“ATRI’s bottleneck list is a roadmap for federal and state administrators responsible for prioritizing infrastructure investments throughout the country. Every year, ATRI’s list highlights the dire needs for modernizing and improving our roads and bridges,” said American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear. “We have seen, most recently in Pittsburgh, that the cost of doing nothing could also cost lives. It’s time to fund these projects and get our supply chains moving again.”

For access to the full report, including detailed information on each of the 100 top congested locations, please visit ATRI’s website here. ATRI is also providing animations created with truck GPS data for select bottleneck locations, all available on the website.

ATRI is the trucking industry’s 501(c)(3) not-for-profit research organization. It is engaged in critical research relating to freight transportation’s essential role in maintaining a safe, secure and efficient transportation system.