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State Trucking Association (STA) Member companies may, upon approval, participate in the Texas Trucking Association (TXTA) Yokohama, Michelin and BF Goodrich national tire account program.

This program gives smaller trucking company members discounted new tire pricing at Yokohama,
Michelin and BF Goodrich dealers nationwide. Companies save an average of 30% on new tire purchases.

In addition, earthmover, retreads and light truck and passenger tires are also available on this program. Members have saved millions of dollars and strengthened bottom lines by using this program.


Prices have changed! Please contact Jason at 512-478-2541 x 101 or Jason@texastrucking.com for current pricing information!

Product CodeTitlePrice
8972511R22.5 LRH X-WORK XDY511.030089725
0336311R22.5 X LINE ENERGY Z LRG471.590003363
1570111R22.5 X WORKS Z LRH VG495.840015701
7280511R22.5 XDN2 LRG457.480072805
0669711R22.5 XLEZ LRH485.450006697
6704211R22.5 XZE2 LRH450.000067042
B8986111R24.5 DR444 LRH380.7300B89861
9002211R24.5 LRH X-WORK XDY535.000090022
Y5070411R24.5 MY507409.7700Y50704
B7918411R24.5 ST230 LRH348.3900B79184
7826111R24.5 X WORKS Z LRH VG513.170078261
9797311R24.5 XDA5 TL LRH MI557.020097973
4669511R24.5 XDE M/S431.960046695
8745911R24.5 XDN2 LRG485.710087459
2327411R24.5 XDY-EX2 LRH TL MI534.940023274
0702511R24.5 XTE LRG386.040007025
8850711R24.5 XZE2 LRH479.930088507
7925011R24.5 XZY3 LRH514.960079250
00691225/70R19.5 XDS2 LRG314.460000691
01963235/75R17.5XTE2143/141J LRJ331.730001963
78370245/70R17.5 XTA2 ENERGY 143J LRG353.980078370
Y50705255/70R22.5 MY507320.2400Y50705
B95971255/70R22.5 ST230 LRH302.9600B95971
74493255/70R22.5 XD2 LRH431.550074493
61737255/70R22.5 XZE LRH410.980061737
01658275/70R.5 XTY2 LRJ448.720001658
Y50710275/70R22.5 MY507377.5000Y50710
90059275/70R22.5 XZA2 ENERGY454.260090059
B50614275/80R22.5 ST230 LRG325.2900B50614
61310275/80R22.5 XDA5 TL LRG MI500.040061310
63465275/80R22.5 XDN2 LRG455.420063465
03885275/80R22.5 XLEZ LRG464.660003885
55895275/80R22.5 XZE2 LRG429.990055895
92052275/80R22.5X LINE ENERGY T LRG414.970092052
92981275/80R24.5X LINE ENERGY T LRG421.000092981
36587445/50R22.5 XONE XDN2 LRL884.980036587
83691445/65R22.5 XZY-3 WB783.930083691
47798455/55R22.5 X ONE MET LRL748.790047798
31535455/55R22.5 XONE XDN2 LRL884.960031535
BLT26470LT245/75R17121/118S ATTAKO2RWL195.8500BLT26470
BLT36457LT275/65R18123/120R ATTAKO2RWL238.1700BLT36457
BLT99728LT285/70R17121/118R ATTAK02RWL240.0100BLT99728
R58744RECH11R24.5 XDE M/S 230181.0100R58744
R80977RECH11R24.5 XZY 9.5156.0100R80977