Picture of the product901 -Small Logbook
Prescribed by DOT and DPS to record driving, off-duty, and sleeper berth time (Form MCS-59). Detailed driver vehicle inspection report on the reverse of the log. Measures 5.5" x 8.5"; in duplicate with carbons. 31 forms/book. Price per book.

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Picture of the product901EX -Exemption Logbook
For Drivers who don't normally travel outside of a 150 air-mile radius (in Texas) from their home terminal. Keep track of hours worked for a four-month period. In duplicate with carbons; 16 sets of weekly logs/book; 4 sets of monthly log summaries/book. Price per book.

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Picture of the product901N -Large NCR Logbook
Log and driver inspection on one page. Measures 8.5" x 11"; in duplicate; carbonless. 31 forms/book. Price per book.

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Picture of the product902 -Fed. MC Safety-Small
This popular pocket size book contains every safety regulation of the US DOT's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). This handy book is affordable and convenient. Order one copy for each driver. Measures 4" x 6". Price per book.

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Picture of the product902D -Fed MC Safety-Desktop Edition
Contains Parts 40, 325 and 355 of the FMCSRs and Regulatory Guidance (questions and answers). Designed to help you find information easily with new changes highlighted. Includes CFR reference number with effective dates for regulation adoptions and changes.

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Picture of the product916D -DVIR-Duplicate Inspection Report Books
In duplicate with carbons. Meets Texas DPS and DOT's requirements of FMCSRs 396.11. Book format includes key regulations to remind driver of DOT/DPS required procedures to complete at the end of day/shift. 31 duplicate copies/book. Price per book.

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Picture of the product916T -DVIR-Triplicate Inspection Report Books
In triplicate with carbons. 31 triplicate copies/book. Price per book.

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Picture of the product946 -Emergency Response Guide
Developed by the DOT, this pocket sized guide helps carriers make critical decisions in the event of an accident, fire, or spill involving hazardous materials and includes new shipping names and ID numbers from HM-215C. All DOT-regulated materials are listed and referenced to the specific emergency action that should be taken in the event of a hazardous materials accident. Price per book.

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Picture of the product947 -Hazardous Materials Compliance Pocketbooks
Details employer and driver responsibilities and duties in the transportation of hazardous materials, as prescribed by the U.S. DOT in Title 49 CFR Parts 107, 171-180 and 390-397 and includes current regulations as ammended by HM-215C. A person who violates a requirement in the requlations is liable for a penalty of not more then $27,500 and not less then $250 for each violation. JJ Keller Publication. Price per book.

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Picture of the product948 - CSA Handbook
Provides a vital on-the-road reference for drivers on CSA issues.

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Picture of the productDABOOK -Drug & Alcohol Testing Driver Handbook
DOT requires that training materials for drivers must include a discussion of 11 specific issues that are contained in this handbook. (382.601(b))* Measures 5.5" x 8.5". Available in English/Spanish. J.J. Keller publication. Price per book.

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