Emerging Leaders Council (ELC)

Established by the Texas Trucking Association Board of Directors in 2013, the goal of the Emerging Leaders Council (ELC) is to identify and cultivate the next generation of transportation leaders in Texas. This two-year professional development series is designed to establish a vast network of industry peers, enhanced leadership and management skills, and a thorough understanding of TXTA and the industry it represents. Enrollment is capped at 25. The current class represents a broad cross-section of the trucking industry with positions ranging from sales and marketing, to safety and compliance, to operations and management; ages range from 25 to 46.

Members are expected to attend at least four of six annual meetings. Each meeting focuses on issues specific to the industry or better business practices and also features a social event for members to strengthen relationships with their peers.

The 2020 ELC Class is Now Accepting Nominations


Nominations for the Class of 2020 are under way. 

Nominations will be reviewed by the outgoing ELC officers, TXTA chairman and TXTA president and CEO. Membership will be capped at 25 members. There are a limited number of positions available for allied members. The ratio of carrier to allied members must remain 60:40 or greater-in favor of carrier members. 

Members will be responsible for a membership fee of $250 per year ($500 total) to offset the cost of guest speakers, group meals and group outings. They must attend at least four of six annual meetings to maintain membership status.

After graduating from ELC, graduates may continue to attend all ELC meetings and social outings, but will not be able to vote in ELC officer elections, nor will they be required to attend a minimum number of meetings. 

To submit a nomination
  • Send a completed application
  • Include a letter of recommendation from a direct supervisor or company executive
  • Email the nominee’s professional resume to Glenna Bruun: glenna@texastrucking.com

For more information, please contact: Glenna Bruun, 512.478.2541 x105

 ELC Nominating Packet